Rape-aXe: From Concept To Consumer

Brief history of the concept, design and development of Rape-aXe

Vincent Leskowich,  co-inventor of Rape-aXe; anti-rape device

Vincent Leskowich, is a mechanical engineer with over thirty-year experience working with international teams, developing and commercializing new medical products. He is the designer and co-inventor of Rape-axe, the anti-rape device and business partner of Sonnet Ehlers; the innovator and founder of Rape-axe.

He has extensive experience working in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific for MNC’s to establish Research and Product Development Centres. He has excellent clinical knowledge and has developed a network of clinicians to support conducting focus groups and market analysis, analysis of user needs and product acceptance.

He has designed and launched dozens of successful products used worldwide and holds 9 granted patents, and numerous patent applications.
He currently operates his own consulting service and is provides ongoing technical and managerial support to customers in Australia, USA, Malaysia, South Africa and China.

His goal in developing and commercializing Rape-aXe is to decrease and prevent the incidents of rape worldwide.