Sexual Wellness In The Sex Toy Industry

How important is to give back in order to keep growing. Our world needs people who cares and take responsibility. Promoting sexual wellness it is not easy but so much needed.

I would be able to share my experience as an entreprenuer and talk about how I have develop my community starting with the most important: my team.

Silvanna Peraldo, CEO and Co-founder of foreplay perú

My professional background is in finance, but I have always been passionate about mission driven causes. I am an economist, with more than 15 years of experience between finance, consulting and leading teams and companies. And less than 5 years ago I decided to open a sex toy boutique in Lima-Peru. Currently we have 6 stores, a distributer and new business coming up that will keep changing people’s life.

Education is part of me, I have never stopped studying and I as well as an economist and entrepreneur I consider myself an artist. I write, I paint, I take pictures and I love to dance.
After finishing my MBA at Boston University, I decided to start my own business with the help of my business partner, and that’s how Foreplay was born.

My business partner its also best friend from high school, and our business allows us to work together and encourage each other to follow our passion.
We created this company 5 years ago, not only to sell toys, but to invest in our country. To promote sexual Wellness for our community, but also to level up the standard of many things like: 1.Drawing a path as a company who gets involve, who has a voice, who promotes respect 2. Creating a safe place for employees; within the company they can be themselves and make long relationships, we have a supporting environment 3. Promoting to be yourself, to enjoy your body but also to take care of your mind.
I am very passioned, and I aim for big changes in Latin America.

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