We All Should Reimagine Sexuality

This industry is about shifting the beliefs that “we shouldn’t care about sex” to understanding that sexuality is the core of who we are and therefore should be at the forefront of our overall mental and physical well-being. Let’s talk about how this business is growing and will continue to grow in the next 5+ years! And this is a worldwide phenomenon…join me while the top leaders share their insights.

Rocio Pelayo, Founder of Hablemos SexTech and Reimagine Sexuality Conference

Rocio Pelayo has served as a Technology Strategist for over 25 years, across major international consulting firms. She also serves as a mentor for entrepreneurs and start-ups in accelerators that serve diverse opportunities, helping to bring diversity in funding and career growth. 3 years ago, she kicked off an initiative for LATAM, to bring education and innovation around sexuality. She believes that being able to openly speak about sex, understanding our sexuality as part of our health, and raising awareness will decrease pregnancy rates, human-to-human aggression, and sexual assault. Her Podcast, Hablemos SexTech: El Futuro del Sexo, has had great success across LATAM. She is an international speaker and collaborates with organizations and technology initiatives to bring awareness to the SexTech industry. Welcome to her latest adventure, this conference…because we should all reimagine sexuality.

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