Sexuality In Art: The Power Of Pleasure

Eroticism as a creative energy is what animates us, connects us, and brings us joy in the face of despair. Sex is a revolutionary power, which is precisely why it is so regulated by authoritarian regimes. As we see sexuality increasingly censored and criminalized, arts and culture can be powerful tools to build community, combat oppression and find strength within ourselves. People sometimes need permission to explore new things, and art can be the perfect proxy by which to try on new ideas, broaden our perspectives, and relate to others with empathy. Artworks can touch us in ways we cannot explain, which offers a chance for reflection, for sitting with discomfort and for discovering our boundaries. It allows us to play for the simple joy of it, to suspend judgement while exploring the unknown. This session explores the transformative potential of the arts to unlock our creativity and reclaim our human right to pleasure.

Morgan Catalina, Curator & Holistic Sexuality Educator

Morgan Catalina (she/her) is an Amsterdam-based curator and holistic sexuality educator. After years as curator for SXSW and recent collaborations with the queer art foundation NIET NORMAAL, Morgan brings her affinity for art and culture to the realm of sexuality.

Her latest exhibition COME ALIVE ( explores the healing potential of sexuality by highlighting diverse perspectives from over 60 international artists & speakers. The show playfully suggests that eroticism as a life force, a creative energy, can help us reconnect in precarious times.

Seeing curating as a way to build bridges, she also founded the The Professionals in Sexuality Society to create community among emerging professionals in the field.

Following her certification from the Institute for Sexuality Education, she aims to create a pleasure-centered, trauma-informed and anti-oppression focused practice, continuing to translate abstract concepts into provocative shared experiences.

Bonus Offerings for Attendees

An invitation to join the Professionals in Sexuality Society, as well as collaborate on future sex talks.