The Evolution Of The Sexual Wellness Retail Landscape During And After The Pandemic

  • The pre-covid retail landscape for sexual wellness products
  • Adaptation and good retail practices during the pandemic
  • New market trends and post-covid landscape: vertical integration and new growth opportunities

Lisa Sananes, CEO of Gisele International

My name is Lisa Sananes, I am 34 years old and am the CEO of Gisele International, a consulting agency for sexual wellness brands. I started my professional career working in the cosmetics industry in Paris, which opened the door to international b2b sales. In a wish to find a more personal and close-to-my-heart path, I then joined Bijoux indiscrets, a spanish start-up, women founded, dedicated to female pleasure. What started as a fun experience truly became a calling. I spent 8 years travelling the world, searching for commercial partners, training stores on the products but much more important, defending and promoting our mission to democratize female pleasure. Finally, in 2020, I co-founded Gisele International, a company that supports sexual wellness brands to grow their B2B Network, while controlling their expansion and protect their brand.

We act as their outsourced B2B sales force, from both a strategic and operational standpoint. That means, designing a B2B framework that fits to and nurture the brand’s omnichannel strategy, and roll-out that strategy while considering local specificities. “