Porn Is SexTech, Too

What role does porn play in the larger sextech ecosystem? How is it related to health & education? afterglow is merging ethical porn and sexual wellness. Learn how afterglow is changing the paradigm of porn, the struggles that have happened along the way, and why Lilly Sparks is more excited than ever to be building today in Sextech.

Lilly Sparks, Founder & CEO of afterglow

Lilly Sparks is the Founder & CEO of afterglow, an ethical porn platform that’s a delicious mix of porn, sexual wellness and education. Designed to help people (women, especially) have better, more fulfilling sexual experiences through guided masturbations, pleasure-focused content and porn you can learn from. Lilly is a thought leader who has been featured everywhere from Forbes, the New York Times, to SXSW. She’s an entrepreneur addicted to creating positive change in the world, a believer in the power of shame-free pleasure, and an enthusiast of spending time outside, dancing, and listening to good music (preferably doing all three at once). You can find her work on, or follow @xoaftergloww on Instagram, TikTok, or @xoafterglow on Twitter.

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