Breaking One Of The Last Taboos In Asia

  • The current landscape of sexual wellbeing market in Asia
  • The insight I learnt as a pioneer in the region
    Building and pivoting to adapt to market needs
  • The future outlook of sexual wellbeing potential in Asia

Jingjin Liu, CEO & Founder of ZaZaZu

I am the founder and CEO of ZaZaZu, the first education platform in Asia to help modern women navigate through their challenges both in the workplace and at home. We tackle the topics that others shy away from:

⭐ Female Health;
⭐ Intimacy;
⭐ Microaggression & Sexism in the Workplace
⭐ Confidence;

As a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for positive impact, I aim to empower women to own our narrative both in the Bedroom and in the Boardroom.