Shifting Power And Media Representation In SexTech

A primer on sextech industry terms and the evolution of language and branding choices over the last decade. Sex robots, feminsm, ethical porn, and accessibility will all be explored.

Participants can expect to come way with an an understanding of shifting trends in sexual wellness and adult entertainment. Media stories that reveal power dynamics within and control over the industry wiill also be discussed.

Jenna Owsianik, Journalist and Founder of Sex For Every Body®

Jenna Owsianik is a Canadian sex tech expert and journalist.

She is the founder of, an adult sex education publication that explores the right to sexual self-expression for diverse bodies.The online publicatin covers disability, sex and aging, and the ethical porn movement.

From 2014 to 2022, Jenna was Editor-in-Chief of, the world’s leading publication on how technology is changing human sexuality, today and tomorrow.

Her expertise covers state-of-the-art sex technologies and the major fields driving innovations in intimacy: robotics, virtual reality, remote sex (teledildonics), immersive adult entertainment, human augmentation, virtual sex, and sexual health.
Jenna is especially passionate about helping companies deliver accessible services and products to people with disabilities and other underserved communities.

A trained journalist with a Masters of Journalism from The University of British Columbia, Jenna’s reporting has appeared on, Al Jazeera English, CTV British Columbia online, CBS Sunday Morning, and CBS 60 Minutes.

She has an Honors BA in Women’s Studies and French from Western University.