Societal And Individual Impact Of Premature Ejaculation

I will be reviewing the prevalence of various male sexual dysfunctions and discussing the impact they have on men and their partners. Following this talk, I hope attendees will be more open to having discussions surrounding sexual health and wellness to help break down societal barriers that exist with this topic.

Jeff Bennett, founder and CEO of Morari Medical

Jeff is the founder and CEO of Morari Medical, an innovative sexual health and wellness company. A proven medical device industry leader, Jeff has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience, with the level of his role and responsibilities increasing over the course of his career.

After two decades in the medical device industry, Jeff sees a world where all beings can enjoy their sexuality freely with confidence, curiosity and control.

Morari Medical’s mission is to restore confidence in sexual health. The start-up is a pioneer of wearable tech that enables all to create the climactic journey and sexual experience they desire.