Marketing A Product That Doesn't Exist

Proof of concept-finding a balance between researching the market and testing an MVP.

Language and branding behind a sex-related product.

Marketing the first-to-market product.

Frances Tang, Founder and CEO of awkward essential

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. They also say that post-sex comfort is a pain in the ass. Well, they don’t, but we do—and we have a solution.

Founder Frances Tang loved sex with her husband, but hated the post-sex cleanup ritual—the ninja-roll off the bed, the waddle to the bathroom, the crusty towels and next-day drip. Internet searches for solutions were fruitless—it seemed like, although other women expressed similar problems, there weren’t any convenient or effective products for this specific challenge.

Inspiration struck while Frances was baking, reflecting on the way ordinary rubber spatulas quickly and easily collect the last drops of batter from a mixing bowl. Frances invented the product she needed, and offers it to those who are also not a big fan of the ruined underwear and infamous cum towel. It’s not for everybody, but dripstick is there if/when you need it.

After realizing how prevalent the problem of post-sex cleanup is and how many individuals have accepted it as something to simply “deal with,” Frances is dedicated to providing thoughtful solutions for behind-the-bathroom-door problems that people haven’t felt comfortable talking about. Awkward Essentials is here to change the way we think and talk about our bodies, beginning with the very basics of sex education and bodily functions.

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