Using Technology In Sexual Medicine To Improve Access

Explore ways that technology can improve access to diagnosis and treatment for sexual dysfunction. I will be talking about some recent tools and products that can be used by patients themselves to resolve their presenting issues; the Adam Sensor that can help men track and actively improve their erection health and the various sex therapy apps that have recently emerged.

Christos Vasilakos Konstantinidis, co-founder of International Andrology and AdamHealth

Christos is co-founder of International Andrology and AdamHealth. International Andrology operates a network of medical clinics, across Europe and the Middle East, focusing on male sexual and reproductive health, having treated to date over 30’000 patients. AdamHealth is a holistic digital health platform for men and has recently launched the AdamSensor, which is the world’s first wearable erection health tracker. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours in sexual medicine, Christos is also a sex therapist in training working directly with patients suffering for sexual dysfunction.

Bonus Offerings for Attendees

Attendees based in the UK  receive a 30% discount on any men’s health products or services that you purchase from Adam Health (