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Dominnique Karetsos

Dominnique Karetsos
CEO & Co-Founder of Healthy Pleasure Group


Dominnique Karetsos is CEO and co-founder of The Healthy Pleasure Group, the only global outfit dedicated to the future of Sexual Health & Technology, helping startups and market leaders who innovate in this space become consumer lifestyle brands. With a team of sexual health & technology advisors, specialists and experts, Healthy Pleasure Group is a pioneering collective that seeks to define, reshape and revolutionise the sexual empowerment of all generations and pave the way for healthy sexuality and healthy pleasure for everyone.

Dominnique has spent the last 20 years working, advising and launching products & services across the beauty, retail and health sectors in 40+ markets. She helps startups, market leaders and challenger brands increase their market share, distribution channels and investment opportunities through smart, strategic planning.

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Surviving the growth paradox in the future of sexual health & technology