Welcome Members of Virtual Event!

Thank you for participating in the dissemination of Reimagine Sexuality, although this virtual event is FREE to attendees at launch, it is a paid event after the published dates.  It is structured so that your own time and efforts are also rewarded by receiving a share of the paid access that comes with sharing among your followers, subscribers, and readers. Your audience will benefit from having a free event, and should they decide to buy the Reimagine Sexuality PREMIUM ACCESS, you receive a percentage of that sale!

How to get your affiliate link

It is very important that in any broadcast you make of the event you put your affiliate link and not the direct website so that you can get your credit for the commission. For every attendee who comes to the program through your link and invests in the ACCESS PREMIUM, you will receive 30% of each sale.

To join the affiliate program of the event you can do it here:


When you sign up, the system will assign you a unique address that you can share. This will identify that the subscription comes from your list and assign the 30% commission when the sale is completed.

How can I promote the event?

You can promote the event in the way that you think is most suitable for your audience. The more diffusion you can do, the more visibility the event will have, and the better you will be able to monetize your participation.

The success of this type of event depends largely on the involvement of all the experts in the promotion, and we thank you for actively collaborating.

Here are some ideas for dissemination:

  • Publish an article talking about the program.
  • Send several emails to your subscribers (it is the strategy that works best)
  • Put a banner on your website.
  • Promote it on your social media


For any questions or additional information email us at

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